Tasting menu

A different and private concept where the chef creates an avant-garde proposal that transports the privilege of sitting at the chef’s table, where they will be able to live a non-traditional gastronomic experience since they will be sitting in front of the kitchen where they can observe the plate of each of the eight proposed trips will lead to interacting with the chef trying to guess what each dish is made of and all its ingredients that achieve the perfect flavors that make up each recipe while pairing them with the right wine, and experience from within.

On this trip, the diner will experience an eight-course tasting menu, each paired with a different drink where six will be with wine and the last two will be a surprise, of the eight courses one is the dessert, in this format the guest will be seated in front of the chef and you will be able to observe all the plate, the time of this menu is from two and a half to three hours, the reservation must be made with a minimum of seven days, only one group is served per night so the kitchen will have all the attention of the group and of course the Personal chef all evening, the most interesting thing about the trip is that the diners will not know what they are going to eat, but we do assure that they will love it and they will leave totally satisfied.

NOTE: In the case of any restriction in the reservation, it is requested to explain in detail if one or more suffer any to make the pertinent corrections.